• Premium and Exact Match Domain Names for sale


    Exact Match Domains (AKA Keyword Domains) are, Domain Names that exactly match the keyword that a consumer types when they are looking for goods and services. For example, if a consumer wants to find a Plumber in Mosman they would type into the search engine Plumber In Mosman or Mosman Plumber, an exact match Domain Name would be mosmanplumber.com.au.

    Buy Buying an Exact Match Domain Name you can either use the domain name to replace your existing web address or get us to point the Domain Name to your existing website


    • We Make Buying This Premium Domain Name simple.

      One email from you and we do the rest!

        The purchase price of any Domain Name purchased from Houghton Richards includes 12 months registration and Hosting to your website, plus all the IT work required to get the Domain Name live and pointing to your existing website.

        You do not pay anything until the Domain is registered in your name, and pointing to your nominated website. Only when all of this is completed we will send you an invoice.



        Your Enquiry

        Contact one of our friendly Brokers who will provide all the information that you need to make an informed decision. Rest assured you're dealing with a staff member, not a commissioned agent.



        All you need to do is take the information provided and decide if the Domain Name is for you. Once you decide simply confirm the Buy Order by email and we will get to work.


        The Domain name goes live

        The first thing we do is transfer the Domain Name into business or personal name.We get out in-house IT team to complete the work required to get the domain name live and activated and resolving. We then notify the Search Engines that this is an authorised 301 Divert.


        You Approve the work

        Once you are satisfied the work is done and the Domain Name is working, you pay the Tax Invoice provided. You can pay by Credit card, Direct Debit, Pay Pal or Bitcoin.


        Managing the Domain name

        Once you have paid for the Domain Name we can then provide you with the Auth Codes or Keys to transfer the Domain name to your preferred provider or you can leave it with us to manage

      • Your Business's Online Success

        If your Domain Names are not in line with the what your clients are searching in today's digital market, you might as well not be online at all.


        Your business's online success is one hundred percent dependent on your website performance, your content engagement, and whether or not you're a top or close to the top search result. But there are 10s if not 100s of competitors out there, right? How can you possibly leverage your business to get the search results that the consumers are completing so you get the best search results?

        The answer is simple. Implement and Exact Match Domain name (EMD) action plan. Houghton Richards Brokerage has been implementing and executing thousands of EMD action plans for companies across all industries, all over the world. Houghton Richard Brokerage offers a wealth of experience packages and services, covering everything from Domain Name audits to competitor analysis, error reporting, Google algorithm, compliance feedback, keyword, tag research, and Keyword Search analytics to be sure you're buying only the Domain Names that work for your business.


        Will Google Penalise Me For Adding Domain Names?

        We have in fact found the opposite with 1000s of clients and businesses!


        We have a few of our clients come back to us and say " My SEO guy said Google will penalise us for buying a Domain Name ".


        Well, he is only partially correct and only if you buy the wrong domain names for the wrong reasons. To clarify this for you, there is no more free lunch for Exact Match Domain Names, now that the Google has updated its policy. (This policy change was implemented some 5 years ago and it is nothing new).


        What Google has done is it has stopped any old Domain Name giving a preferential result on the search engines. Before this change, and for quite a while, it was possible to rank on the front page with literally any old Domain Name, on any website, and often after only a few days after activating them. This ranking increase could be achieved in literally every niche you can dream of.

        Now, this was bad for the search engines as it effected their ability to charge more for Pay Per Click Advertising.

        What Google now does is only give preference to relevant EMDs (see the Google Video below) that match the website they are linked to. So as long as your Exact Match Domain Name matches your website in regards to the Keywords and or the Meta tags

        ( that's the code they write your website in ) then you get the search result boost.

        That's where we come in we will only sell you Exact Match Domain Name that tick all the boxes in regards to the search engine requirements and compliance.


        1. The Keywords are Relevant to your business and with high search numbers


        2. The Keywords of the Domain name match your website.


        3. The keywords of the Domain name match your goods and services that your offering.


        4. If the Domain name is a geographic or location-based Domain name that you are operating in that location.


        5. Your Meta tags on your website are relevant to the Domain Name

        6. The diversion is completed by way of a search engine approved 301 Divert to your website


        7. We manually notify the search engines that the Domain Name divert is approved by the website owner


        So we have in fact found the opposite with 1000s of clients and businesses. Now I am not saying don't listen to your SEO guy hey they are experts in SEO but look at the Google Video below and make your own assessment. We will

        also add most SEO guys do not fully understand the process behind good or great Domain Names as they are not experts int he field of Domain names.

        Like we are not experts in SEO and we never give advice in that regards. Also, like why Google changed its strategy regards exact match Domain names to ensure their advertising revenue was not affected as most SEO guys can not make ongoing fees from Domain Names so in turn try to talk their clients out of them

        We simply refer you back to our clients and testimonials and remind you that buying a Domain Name is exactly that. You are buying virtual realestate. SEO only works while you continue to pay. Buying a Premium Exact Match Domain Name is a long-term investment strategy

      • Premium Domain Name Sales


        Why you should by a Premium Domain Name for your business


        Don't take our word for it watch this video and let one of the words leading Domain Name Educators explain how the right Domain Name can get you more "type in" traffic and help with your brand's recognition and authority on the WWW.

        Title Text

        A sentence or two describing this item.

      • Why Exact Match Domains Work!​

        Let the expert from Google explain how search engines work and see for yourself how Key Word and Exact Match Domain names can get you better search results.

         For over 5 years now we have only offered and sold 1000's of exact match domains (EMD) that are specific to our clients business and that get you the results you need.

      • Why do you need an Exact Match Domain Name


        Buying a highly searched ‘Exact Match Domain Name’ is specific to your business and or the market you're trying to reach. This is just a truly simple and effective may of getting more search results. It is also one of the major factors that the search engines use to determine search rankings.


        The best part is that when you acquire the domain name outright you own it and it becomes part of your intellectual asset base, which can add value to your business.

        Exact match domain names are sought after and some have even shown to appreciate in value over time. This means you could profit from this investment in the future

        The only ongoing cost after your acquisition is an annual renewal fee which any service provider like GoDaddy or Uniregistery can service for you for as little as $25 per year. Or you can choose our premium service which includes us checking the link every month and ensuring it's working and if the 301 divert breaks or you want it pointed somewhere else, we fix it at no cost.

        However, once you have paid for the Domain Name you can choose to move it any domain host of your choice.

        What you will be getting when Dealing With Houghton Richards Brokerage.


        We will connect this domain to your existing Website and enable you to be the benefactor of these targeted and valuable searches (at no extra charge)

        The exact match domain name you are buying registered in your Name and we provide the following services inclusive of the service charge


        One year registration and Hosting


        Valuable and targeted Australian traffic


        One Year Free Support for your Domain name.


        Free traffic to your website.

        Advertisers pay Google PPC (Pay Per Click) for the search term (For the Exact search numbers for this Domain Name please contact us for a detailed report) ) If you buy this Domain Name you will be getting those organic searches for FREE.


        Our renowned expertise as Australia’s Leading domain brokerage with over 30000 Domain Names under Managment to support your business and manage the life cycle of your domain names

        • Your domain will be professionally submitted to over 25 search engines and manually back linked to your chosen site
        • A strategic asset that gives you competitive advantage and can help deliver a return on investment



      • Domain Name management

        Get A Results Focused Domain Name Brokerage Working For You.

        The importance of maintaining a domain portfolio and managing this efficiently

        If you're a business managing global brands then chances are you have a number, of domain names to promote and protect your brand. You're probably adding to your portfolio on a regular basis too. Managing this portfolio can be a complex, time-consuming task and yet it cannot be treated as a secondary priority - every year there are additions to the list of corporations who fail to renew a critical domain, we ensure you are not one of them.


        As part of the Domain Name portfolio management and brand protection service, we offer strategic advice and secure, functional systems that make management of the portfolio as simple as possible.

        • We are the market leader in high-quality premium exact match Domain Name
        • Our experts are recognised as amongst the best in the domain name industry, we participate at  ICANN, and other key domain events to ensure we are up to date with the latest trends and changes 
        • We have unparalleled expertise in all aspects of domain management, from acquisitions to renewals and recoveries


      • WHO WE ARE

        We are Domain Name Brokerage and Brand protection agency, that knows our clients want action, not words.

        Our dedicated team are easy to talk to about every digital marketing discipline. Our experience and skills will give you the edge over your competitors. We are all about improving your business profile both online and offline. With the Houghton Richards team on the job, we make your digital life not only easy but effective.

        We currently service clients in Australia, USA and Europe.

        Our innovative & strategic approach means we can deliver big results for as little cost to our client as possible our "your success is our success'' mantra, wins us new business every day.

        We work with small local operators to large sophisticated brands and organisations in many industries, B2C to B2B, start-ups & global companies.

        Our strategies are designed to achieve measurable results… like enquiries and sales! We are sure you will find this approach refreshing.


        With over 2000 customers serviced in the last 5 years and with over 30000 domains under management you can rest assured you are dealing with Domain Name experts


        Here are few of our customers that have acquired Premium Domain names

      • What our customers have to say

        “Finally someone who actually delivers what’s promised.”

        - Scott; Mandurah RV


        "It immediately goes into our website. However, I further checked and at present, we are on the first page of Google. Simply Amazing".


        KATIE NSW Commercial Business Brokers


        “Thank you - it been a pleasure doing business with your company - in particular your broker Paul. From start to finish Paul kept us informed and quickly educated us on the importance of accumulating domain names in the future.


        - Graham Nankivell, Managing Director - Performance Business Sales



        “I am happy to do business with you and thank you for the quick and efficient service.”

        - John Rich Real Estate



        “I really appreciate your honesty and time and will ensure I generate you some referrals.”

        - Sheree Williams, Sherbet Bookkeeping



        “We found the experience great and very helpful.”

        - Doors Doors Doors


        I am very happy with the efficiency and promptness of Houghton Richards Brokerage House.”

        - Debbie, Medallion Property


        “You approached us - we like proactive people!”

        FRANCK FOUGARE - MANAGING PARTNER Ananda Intellectual Property


        “I did start moving on Google after my purchases, so I can only attribute that to the domains purchased.”


        STEVE PARRY - DIRECTOR Brisbane Appliance Services


        "Houghton Richards has been instrumental in helping.CLUB monetize its registry-reserved names."


        COLIN CAMPBELL Chairman and Founder.Club Domains









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